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Allen-Bradley ControlLogix & RSLogix 5000

Course Objectives: At the conclusion of this course, the student will be able to develop and troubleshoot a ControlLogix system using RSLogix 5000 software by executing the following tasks:

Setting up, configuring communications, and designing a ControlLogix system.

Configuring the I/O structure and constructing a simple program for the ControlLogix system.

Integrating and configuring serial, Ethernet, and ControlNet protocols using RSLinx and RSNetworx software, for communicating data with other processors and remote I/O.

Distinguishing the differences between the 8-bit platform (1771-I/O) the 16-bit platform (PLC-5 and SLC500) and the 32-bit platform (ControlLogix).

Troubleshoot a corrupt ControlLogix system.

Course Description:

This customized course provides the participant with the skill set necessary to understand the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix system. The course allows the student to configure, assemble, and then write the necessary ladder logic to execute tasks with a ControlLogix controller and a student demonstration station. Where applicable, the student or participating company will provide a current system software printout, in advance, and we will use that to customize the lesson presentations to fit the application. Our courses can identify specific hardware or networks associated with the ControlLogix system, such as PLC-5, SLC500, Flex I/O, remote I/O, ControlNet, DeviceNet, and Ethernet.

Course Outline:

I. Defining ControlLogix Hardware

II. Setting up DF1 and Ethernet protocol drivers

III. Creating a New Project

IV. Configuring Digital I/O

V. Downloading and Online Activities

VI. Working with Tags and Data Types in ControlLogix

VII. Configuring and Using Analog I/O

VIII. Understanding Tasks, Programs, and Routines

IX. Editing Basic Instructions Offline and Online

X. Working with Complex Instructions: Timers, Counters & Math

XI. Understanding Move, Data Manipulations, and Program Control Instructions

XII. Tools for Troubleshooting: Search, Force, CDM, Trending

XIII. Producer/Consumer Model & Communications using ControlNet

XIV. Working with PID

Who Should Attend: Any individual requiring specific knowledge of a ControlLogix system in order to maintain, program, or analyze such a system.

Prerequisites: Proficiency with MSWindows 2000TM or MSWindows XPTM environment, and a basic understanding of Allen-Bradley PLCs.

Length: 4.5 days

Format: Lecture with extensive Hands-on labs. One lab station for every two students.

Class Size: Up to 10.

CEU's awarded: 3.15

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Contact: Gary Carwell

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