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Course Name Mastering Microsoft Visual Basic 6 Development
Course No. 1013
Course Description This course will teach Microsoft® Visual Basic® programmers how to create database applications using components.

Who Should Attend This course is intended for developers within a solution provider or information system organization.

This course assumes the student has a good working knowledge of the Microsoft Visual Basic programming system. Potential students should be able to accomplish the following tasks before taking this training:

  • Create an application with multiple forms and add functionality for multiple events to the controls on those forms

  • Write a Function procedure and a Sub procedure, and invoke them from Event procedures

  • Declare variables and use conditional statements

  • Describe the purpose and use of each of the controls in the Toolbox

  • Add a simple menu interface to an application

  • Retrieve and validate information from a user

  • Add a custom control to a project

  • Describe the relationship between properties, methods, and objects

  • Add run-time error handling to an application

  • Run the application and use debug mode within the Visual Basic environment

  • Create an EXE file from the project files

  • Design and use a relational database

  • Use SQL syntax to create database queries

Length 32 hours
Class Size Up to 12
CEU's Awarded 2.8
Format Hands-on Workshop. One lab station for every participant.

Learning Objectives Participants will learn to:
  • Write a Microsoft Visual Basic-based application that accesses data from a database

  • Write a Visual Basic-based application that uses component object model (COM) components

  • Create an ActiveX® control

  • Create a COM component

  • List the opportunities that Visual Basic developers have to incorporate Internet technologies into their applications
Course Customization Call 1-800-777-0753 for a detailed outline or for information about tailoring this course to your specific needs.
For scheduling please call your
Customer Representative at 1-800-777-0753.


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