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Course Name DeviceNet
Category C Course No. PL 371

Course Description This thirty-six hour, hands-on course will enable participants to understand and troubleshoot the DeviceNet Communications product.

Who Should Attend Persons engaged in the installation, programming and maintenance of the DeviceNet Communications product. The basis for this link is the CAN (Controller Area Network).

Prerequisites Participants must have a thorough knowledge of PLC and SLC data communications and hardware.

Length 36 hours
Class Size Up to 10
CEU's Awarded 3.15

Format Hands-on Workshop. One lab station for every two participants.

Learning Objectives Participants will learn to:

  • Configure dip switches and cable pinouts for scanner module settings

  • Configure dip switches, cable pinouts and module placements for chassis

  • Configure software and black box concept

  • Configure software and supporting numbering systems for DeviceNet RS-232 interface

  • Setup Device Interoperability

  • Configure through flex I/O concepts

  • Demonstrate an understanding of Master/Slave applications

  • Troubleshoot connectivity to encoders, linear transducers and proximity switches

  • Course Customization Call 1-800-777-0753 for a detailed outline or for information about tailoring this course to your specific needs.

    For scheduling please call your
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