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Course Name Industrial Gearbox Repair (Speed Reducers)
Category A Course No. ME 102

Course Description In this hands-on course participants will learn to troubleshoot, align, install and rebuild gearboxes. The course includes: worm, helical, herringbone, spur, etc. Additionally, the course covers a selection of lubricants and an application of service rating.

Who Should Attend Maintenance mechanics, millwrights, equipment setup personnel and anyone else involved in maintenance or repair of industrial gearboxes

Prerequisites None

Length 32 or 40 hours
This course can be extended to 40 hours if customers wish to have their own gearboxes brought in for the participants to dismantle and rebuild on the last day of the training.
Class Size Up to 12
CEU's Awarded 2.8 or 3.5
College Transfer Credit 2 credit hours recommended for the forty hour version

Format Hands-on Workshop. One lab station for every two participants.

Learning Objectives Participants will learn to:

  • Correctly rebuild gearboxes

  • Troubleshooting failed gearboxes

  • Select proper gearbox

  • Properly install a speed reducer

  • Correctly repair seals and bearings

  • Correctly setup a gearbox using shims

  • Course Customization Call 1-800-777-0753 for a detailed outline or for information about tailoring this course to your specific needs.

    For scheduling please call your
    Customer Representative at 1-800-777-0753.


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