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Course Name Working Safely with Electrical Controls
Category A Course No. EE 104

Course Description This forty hour course is an introduction to electrical fundamentals with a special emphasis on working safely with electricity. The course covers electrical components, electrical controls, terminology and diagrams. There is an emphasis on respect for the potential danger of electricity while building the participant's confidence to work with it safely.

Who Should Attend Beginning electricians, equipment operators and people in skilled trades who are cross training from other disciplines.

Prerequisites None

Length 40 hours
Class Size Up to 12
CEU's Awarded 3.5

Format Hands-on Workshop. One lab station for every two participants.

Learning Objectives Participants will learn to:

  • Work safely with electricity and understand the dangers of electrical circuits

  • Use simple math to calculate voltage drops, current and resistance

  • Safely use multimeter to take voltage and current readings

  • Use clamp-on meter to measure AC/DC current, voltage and continuity

  • Safely test relays, solenoids, contactors, switches, and motor starters

  • Read single-line drawings and control-circuit ladder diagrams

  • Safely check fuses, circuit breakers and ground fault interrupters

  • Identify component parts in schematics and ladder diagrams

  • Demonstrate an understanding of basic principles of AC and DC motors

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